EBS precast is a complete solutions provider for your building needs. From design and consulting services, research and manufacturing of building materials to its distribution and application.

We are particularly dedicated to innovation, using cutting edge technology to develop alternative building materials that are of superior quality, employing methods that increase productivity and improve efficiency, delivering products and services that are consistently reliable, while at the same time being responsible to our environment by reducing wastage and pollution.

1. Concept Design

  • Factory space and size requirements
  • Structural design and detailing
  • Outline specification
  • Schedule of accommodation
  • Planning strategy
  • Cost plan
  • Buildability and construction logistics


2. Project Feasibility Study

  • Market feasibility
  • Planning permission
  • Other legal/ statutory approvals
  • Assessment of the potential to re-use existing facilities
  • Technical feasibility
  • Assessing operational and maintenance issues.
  • Financial feasibility
  • Analysis of budget relative to client requirements


3. Precast Plan Set-Up

  • Consulting for setting up precast plant
  • Local regulations and conditions
  • Present and future needs include:
    • Products (PC wall, floors ,piles etc)
    • Volume (focus on specific end product or wider selection)
    • Capacity (machinery, storage and logistics and expansion)
  • Precast plant set-up process is as follow:
    • Factory layout plans
    • Factory details
    • Specific solutions
    • Machinery


4. Production Training/ Supervision

  • Consulting fabrication process
  • Production process of precast components
  • Understanding of drawings and specifications
  • Join connection details
  • Proper procedures of storage & space requirements
  • Handling of equipment & machineries
  • Site management & administration



5. Production QA / QC

  • Consulting inspection of pre-cast concrete elements
  • Inspection test & quality control
  • Precast concrete components erection & procedures
  • Prefab construction
  • Site safety consideration and aspects


6. Logistics

  • Provide consultancy on delivery, handling and storage
  • Consulting method and sequence of assembly and erection
  • Providing protection measures to minimise in transit damages
  • Providing temporary supports for handling and storage, rigging and transportation.


 7. Precast installation

  • Training installation team
  • Safety issues on site when handling precast elements
  • Lifting capacity of the crane used
  • Working boom-radius of the crane
  • Erection of precast elements
  • Placement & adjustments
  • Suitability of construction materials for the purpose of use (Propping , sealants , membranes)


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